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New Cover! New Series!

I have a brand new antihero interconnected standalone coming! Preorder now! After release, March 15th it'll only be with Amazon (KU).


Welcome to the Naked City, a brand-new antihero romance series from author M. Jay Granberry. In this grimy Las Vegas neighborhood, the neon doesn’t shine as bright, the citizens aren’t nearly as friendly, and a new player has arrived to challenge the status quo.

Las Vegas, the Glitter Gulch, the place where sin never sleeps. Home to themed casinos, phony facades, and a derelict neighborhood that stands as a gateway to the darker side of pleasure.

Welcome to the Naked City, playground of the lost, broken, and feral.

God help the unsuspecting tourists that wander down this block, drawn in by the neon lights and the pretty showgirls.

And may the devil fortify the rivals coming for my spot.

In these streets, dogs eat dogs.

And alliances? Are duplicitous at best.

I'm a bad man other bad men fear.

A dark threat whispered in the night.

And a lone wolf masquerading as a bleating sheep

Until her

The one person that sees beyond the smoke and is unafraid to confront the mirror.

The only one capable of grabbing the reins and riding the chaos.

My equal. My challenge. The singular desire I plan to own and devour.

You want the real me...?

Well, you got him.

MOF is the first in the Naked City series. It’s a fun departure and a new adventure.

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