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For your aural pleasure

I have always been a fan of audiobooks. My first exposure to them was around the age of 8 or 9. My mother used to listen to a radio program that performed radio dramas (for the younguns out there these were old school podcasts LOL) and I loved the stories. By the time I was old enough to go to the mall with money I’d earned following the Babysitter’s Club handbook, audiobook were priced out of my range. I had just enough to get cherry flavored Now & Laters and a mass market historical romance that I hid in a Clair’s bag so my mother wouldn’t confiscate it.

Then came Audible! I had all kinds of books at the tips of my fingers and my days were spent listening to the latest and greatest while cleaning, driving, cooking, or engaging in rote tasks that didn’t demand my undivided attention.

I was in hog heaven! Y’all read that? Hog H-E-A-V-E-N! It was storytelling at its finest. A meet cute of the two best expressions of storytelling.

It was a given that when I began to publish audiobooks were going to be a thing, more specifically they were going to be my thing. And four books in it still holds true.

Crafting characters and their story is such a personal endeavor that it's easy to lose the outside perspective. I focus on my mistakes and inconsistencies. I see where I can improve and how I can do everything better. Listening to the audio allows me to simply enjoy the story in the same way I hope readers do.

The amazing Lacy Laurel and Alex Kydd completely slayed this audio performance. I was on the edge of my seat, and completely invested. If you are so inclined Exquisitely Yours can be listened to completely on its own, but Dan & Jessica first appear in Exquisitely Broken, book 1 of the Sin City Tale Series. EY is a standalone! But you get a richer understanding of the characters and world by reading all the books in the series.

For my aurally fixated fans you won’t be disappointed and those of you with virgin ears give audio a chance! You just might like it!

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