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My eyes snap open startled awake by a nightmare that hangs just at the tip of my mind, adding a little torture to my racing heart and sweaty chest. The details of the dream are fuzzy, but the aching feeling of loss lingers. Creeping into that place of self-doubt born the moment Sin slipped through my fingers and disappeared from my life all those years ago.

I slide a hand across the cool sheets searching for the sleep warmed body of my wife. I don’t know how I did it, but Sin is most definitely mine. Just like I’m hers. I locked her ass down as soon as I could. Put a fat rock on her finger. Changed her last name so no one will ever question again who her family is or where she belongs.

She belongs with me.

For that reason, I’m a little confused when my hand keeps moving across the vacant real estate of our king size mattress. Where is Sin?

I roll into a seated position on my side of the bed and rub a hand across the waves I’m going to lose if I keep falling asleep without brushing and wrapping my hair. Pushing to my feet I pad out the bedroom door in search of my wife.

It doesn’t take much searching. The sweet melody of the baby grand piano draws me into the living room and to Sin sitting at the bench. Her hands outstretched, fingers moving over the keys, head cocked to the side like the melody is coming directly into her ear from some celestial muse that I can’t see.

Illuminated by the piano lamp she looks exactly like the girl I met almost twelve years ago. Flawless deep brown skin, thick natural curls that now hang past her shoulders, full lips pulled into a slight smile as she works through the song.

She is still the most beautiful woman that I know, inside and out.

I make my way to stand behind her, dropping my hands to her shoulders. My thumbs immediately make a pattern of lazy circles across the taut muscles of her neck. Sin doesn’t stop playing but she leans her weight back, giving it to me, trusting that I won’t let her fall.

We stay in that position until the last note bounces off the walls and fades into oblivion.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” She finally says.

The naturally husky timbre of her voice rasping over the words and my randy dick that can’t seem to get enough of this woman.

“You didn’t.” I lie.

I’m almost eighty percent sure that her leaving the bed in the middle of the night triggered the nightmare about her leaving which did indeed wake me up.

“Liar.” She laughs taking any sting out of the word. “God that feels good. Don’t stop.”

She moans, dropping her head encouraging my hands higher into the soft hair at the top of her neck.

Stopping? Is that a thing? I love her body, touching it, loving it, the tight clench and perfect fit when I slide deep inside it.

I work my hand back down her neck to knead her shoulders. Pushing the thin straps of her tank top down to bare her chest.

I take one full, heavy breast in each hand and squeeze, tweaking the nipples until she’s panting, and her legs are restlessly moving together trying to relieve the building tension.

“Let’s go back to bed.” I bend a little more kissing and sucking on the sensitive crease where shoulder and neck connect.

“Mmmm.” She whimpers behind closed lips. Her fist lands on the piano keys emitting a jumble of disjoined notes while the other hand reaches back, wrapping around the back of my thigh.

I help her stand and turn her around. My eyes immediately drop to her nipples dark and coffee colored, puffy from my fingers pulling and twisting, drawn into a stiff peak waiting for my mouth.

Sin looks at me from under hooded eyes, her teeth sink into her plump bottom lip as she cups her breasts lifting them up to me like a present.

We are not making it to the bedroom.

I take the left nipple into my mouth, working it over with my tongue until her hands wrap around the back of my head, and her back arches, and moans become punctuated with swear words. Then I move to the right nipple.


I drag my hands up her legs to the tiny shorts she prefers to sleep in. The stretchy fabric clings to her core already wet with arousal. Sin’s hips buck against my hand when I pull the material to the side exposing her pussy, plump and slick. I slide first one finger, then two, inside the tight tunnel of her body as the physical mirrors the spiritual, and that connection I feel when I look at her, when I walk into the space she occupies, it’s tangible. A physical expression of our love and love making.

Using the pad of my thumb to stroke the sensitive bundle of nerves at her center and I go hard. My mouth and hands setting an unrelenting pace.

I want her nails digging into my scalp and her moans uncontrolled and ragged filling the air. I want her juices dripping down my hand as the muscles of her pussy clamp my fingers when she comes.

She’s close. I look up to see her eyes begin to roll to the back her head as lids drop close.

“Baby, give me those eyes.” I mumble and with effort she does. Dark, lash fringed eyes meet mine hazy and lust drunk. “Whose pussy it?” I demand. Pumping my fingers harder, twisting as they move in and out of her.

“Yours.” She responds immediately. Her hands moving from the back of my head to cup my cheeks. Looking deeply into my eyes she says. “It’s always been yours baby.”

“I’ve…” Sin grinds down hard on my fingers.

“Only…” She rolls her hips back up bringing my head back to her wet nipples which I gladly kiss, and bite, and suck.

“Ever…” She barely whispers has she starts to tighten around my fingers.

“Been yours…” She manages as the orgasm overtakes her.

Rhythmic pulses contract my fingers as she rides it out with hard pants and writhing that eases into twitches and finally stillness.This is my favorite version of Sin, undone and loving with wild abandon.

I slid my fingers from her body, and we moan simultaneously at the drag of her muscles against my skin. “Goddamn, you always feel so fucking good.”

She watches with a satisfied stare as I bring my fingers to my mouth and suck her taste from the digits. I groan as her flavor burst across my taste buds dark, enticing, mouthwatering.

“I love the taste your pussy.”

She playfully pushes my shoulder but in her eyes are shadows of every time I’ve dropped to my knees to worshiped, eating her pussy like a starving man, drinking her nectar like it alone held the power to give me eternal life.

“You are so nasty.” She giggles.

“Don’t front like you don’t like me nasty.”

“Oh, I’m definitely not fronting.” Her hands move down my chest to the waist band of my pajama bottoms pushing down the fabric until my erection is exposed, stretched long and hard, the ruddy tip shiny with precum. I sharply inhale when her fingers wrap around the base pumping one, two, three times.

“I like you fucking filth, and freaky, and nasty, and…” She punctuates her list with feather light kisses on my neck and firm tugs on my shaft.

“Fuck Sin. You keep playing we’re gonna be done before I get inside you.” I grumble even as my hips shift forward, pushing my shaft through her grip.

Sin lets me go, once again turning her back to me. She pushes the shorts down her legs bending over to brace her arms on the piano bench. Her tight ass is high in the air, her pussy bare, and wet and mine for the taking. She gives me a look over her shoulder. One hand leaving the bench to spread her ass cheeks as she widens her stance.

Fuck. Me.

I run a hand down her back gripping the cheek she isn’t holding, and I spread her ass, exposing the tight puckered hole. I sink my knees drawing the plump curve of firm skin into my mouth and sucking hard.

Sin rocks back towards me releasing a low moan. I gently move her hand back to the bench and spread her open.

No secrets.

Nothing covered by skin, or insecurities.

No place that wasn’t perfectly crafted for me, that isn’t mine to have, to hold, to love, to fuck, from this day into eternity.

I swipe a tongue through her wet folds dragging the moisture up to her ass where I French kiss that puckered whole until she’s once again whimper and writhing.

“Oh, damn baby. That’s good. So, so good Jake.”

“It’s about to get better, Sin. Way better. Brace yourself.”

I stand to my full height and in one stoke sink balls deep inside her.

And for a split second we both still. Every time I’m with her like this I remember how empty I felt when she was gone. How adrift I felt when I knew no one else was ever going to compare to the perfect girl I lost.

I love you. I love you. I love you. The old mantra beats with every pulse of my heart, with every drag and pull of our bodies.

“I love you too.” She rasps.

I hadn’t said the words out loud because I didn’t need to, but even with my silence Sin knew I needed her words…so much. Every time we make love it is with the reverence of two people that recaptured forever after knowing the pain of heartbreak and the crushing ache of loneliness that comes from a thousand missed opportunities and even more broken communications. The four years we spent apart is no more than an echo in time. An echo that gets fainter under the volume of our reconnected eternity.

Sin rocks back encouraging me to move. I slide my hand up sweat slick skin of her spine into the wild curls at the nape of her neck and make a fist. I pull her head back which deepens the natural arch in her back allowing me to fuck her at an angle that has her tittering on tiptoe and the breath catching in my lungs.

“Right there baby.” She pants rocking back with the force of her desire which and I meet with a forward thrust. We move together falling into a beautiful rhythm. The room is filled with the sounds of wet flesh smacking, and the perfume of our combined scents. Soul deep moans create a melody as beautiful as anything produced by a piano and two needy hearts finally gorge on hope and love, beat as one.

“Right. There. Oh, fuck. Yes.” She cries as the second orgasm hits. I keep thrusting through the clenching muscles and the more subtle aftershocks. I thrust until my knees are weak and every ounce of what I feel for this woman jettisons out of me.

This…right here, this is what I imagine heaven to be. Me and my wife, in like and in love, growing into this new exciting version of us. Where the past no longer hinders, and the future is open to limitless possibility.


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