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What happens in Vegas…

I don’t take anything too seriously.

Not the career that’s brought me fame and fortune, or the never ending string of women that fill my bed, and definitely not myself.

But life has a way of turning on a dime.

The party is over.

All the jokes have been told.

One beautiful face blurs with the next beautiful body and all I feel is…empty.

Until her.

The sexy complication too intelligent to ignore and too untouchable to keep.

Jessica Johnson isn’t supposed to be in my world but now that she is I plan to make sure she enjoys the ride.

So, what happens in Vegas…?

Boundaries are crossed.

I couldn't put it down.. except when I needed to take a deep breath! This book is HOT.

May T.

I can't wait for the sequel. I need more hot Vegas stories in my life!! 

Char K.

Totally guilty pleasure.. bath, wine, and a bedtime story. Does the trick every time! 

Sondra S.

Dear Readers,

Giving a voice to characters, that are strong yet fragile, that are sometimes uncomfortably real, that express love in THE dirtiest ways with the sweetest sentiments is honestly a dream come true.



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