Tales of the Naked City

The Prostitute

I have licked fire and danced in the ashes of every bridge I ever burned. I fear no hell from you—Nicole Lyons


Las Vegas, the city of sin, the entertainment capital of the world. Home of the strip clubs, adult super stores, and twenty-four-hour bars where even the most derelict in society feel at home. I came to the big city from a small town in the middle of nowhere with hopes and dreams laid bare for the predators. For a time, I played the role of prey. Until I figured out the secret...pussy. It makes the world go 'round.

Tourist aren't welcome in my neighborhood. The closest thing we have to neon here are the broken signs that advertise booze, broads, and side games of blackjack. I was raised in a world where sin tarnished the soul and ensured a place in hell. Little did I know…The mountains of the valley served as a gateway and the three-digit temperatures flayed away my morals. You know what real hell is? The absence of God and the knowledge that you will never be good enough to deserve the light.

But in the Naked City, my willingness to embrace the cardinal vices, to use my pretty face and voluptuous body get what I want doesn't come with censure. It makes me the queen of hell versus a servant in heaven.

I'm a prostitute and no lust, is not my vice. I've opened my mouth, my legs, my sweet tight asshole for everyone from the C.E.O.s to coke heads. I've sat on your husband's face while his best friend banged me from behind. But I learned long time ago that pleasures of the body were no more than a pathetic distraction from a cold reality. What keeps me warm in my bed at night, is the glowing embers of anger that given the correct circumstances can explode into a raging fire that engulfs anyone and everything in its path.

So, while you hide in your bathroom looking at porn, getting lost in the fantasy of a romance novel that you are too chicken shit to make reality, judging me and my city with your overbearing ethics, we see you. The real you. The one that you hide deep in the recesses of your tarnished spirit. We'll lure you with sex and drugs. We'll coax you to forget your God and convince you to bow to me, the queen of all things carnal. And when both feet are securely in my domain and you are nestled into your personal version of hell next to the glutton, and the gamblers, and the whores you thought you were so much better than, remember...hell hath no fury like a woman.

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