Tales of the Naked City


We are each our own devil and we make this world our hell. —Oscar Wilde

Las Vegas, Sin City, the REAL city that never sleeps. Home of French Canadian acrobats, the thong and feather brigade, and the dying art of burlesque. I was born under the glow of neon, fascinated by all that glitters and all that gaudy gold. I wasn't introduced to the grimy underbelly of this desert jewel until the first tendrils of lust had wrapped around my heart and slithered into my juicy cunt.

Tourists often see me under the hot lights of stage production but when the lights of the marquee are extinguished and I return to my neighborhood, the Naked City, the real work begins. The seductive ballet of balancing cardinal vice with fiery temptation.

I'm a showgirl and before you guess let me confirm that lust, is without question, my vice of choice. I peddle my flesh to the highest bidder and I revel in the pleasure of a big dick filling my tight hole or a wet tongue lapping at my plump slit. I crave inordinate amounts of sex. Dirty, explicit, raunchy sex that leaves me cumstained and raw between my legs.

So, while you marry your high school sweetheart and put the same four positions into your tired bedroom rotation and decree that me and my city are sinful or beyond help and redemption, we see you. The real you. The one you keep trapped in a cage made with bars of disgust, longing, condemnation, and righteous indignation. I'll lure you with carnal knowledge and ever the hostess I'll give you a chemical cocktail that will keep a dick hard or a pussy wet, depending on your pleasure.

The pull of the Naked City is like a siren's song. It will coax you to forget about celestial wardens that guard morality and virtue. It'll remind you by cooing in your ear that heaven on earth can be found between a pair of willing thighs, and when both feet are securely planted in our domain, and the lust filled haze guaranteed your admittance into a level of hell reserved for sins of the flesh, remember...I may have sold my body but you sold your morals.

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