Tales of the Naked City

The Grifter

If I can't influence the God's, I shall move all Hell—Virgil ancient Roman poet


Las Vegas, the Glitter Gulch, the place where sin never sleeps. Home of famous pawn shops, vicious loan sharks, and the world's greatest con, gaming. My family has been here since Las Vegas Blvd was a dusty two-lane road in the middle of nowhere and casinos had saloon doors and self-playing pianos.

God help the tourist that wanders into my neighborhood, drawn in by the neon lights and the pretty showgirls. The Naked City is a sinner's playground and a thief's paradise. In my neck of the woods, there is a sucker born every minute, and I use their feigned virtue, to swindle the fools and corrupt the fiends.

I've been a gay man's lover, an old woman's toy, a wealthy boy's best friend, and sweet girl's happily ever after. I'm a confidence man, and regardless of the name or profession, I wear during my con I use a soft touch, one that will titillate and seduce. You will open your legs and your wallet and beg me to plunder that sweet pussy or bathe like a naked bandit in a tub full of cash.  And because I'm that type of guy, I'll accept your complicit surrender. 

Full disclosure: pride is my vice.

So, while you publicly cultivate a lie while internally feeding the monsters of vanity and greed and stand fast in your conviction that you are better than Las Vegas and her citizens. We see you. The real you, the one you hide behind the mask. The person that lacks compassion and credulity. The one crooked enough to try to work the system and in the end becomes the mark. I'll figure out what makes you tick and I'll make sure that you have is in abundance.

Do you like sex? Sweet and intimate or kinky and nasty? I'm your man.

Do you want your hair pulled and your ass smacked? I'll give it to you.

Do you prefer your drugs in powder or liquid form? Just ask I'll make it happen.

I'll play to your weaknesses while luring you with your strengths. I'll coax you to forget your God and ask you to put that confidence in me, the con-man. When both of your feet are sinking into the quick sands of hell and your secret life has become your public face remember... you can't cheat an honest man.

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